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Irena's Philosophy 
Hello everyone! I'm Irena,  an Esthetics & Reiki Practitioner

My skincare journey, a unique path that began in the Czech Republic, where I honed my skills and passion, took a turn over 15 years ago when I brought my expertise to the United States.  I am excited to guiding you through a skincare experience like no other.


With a diverse background in various modalities and medical training, I ensure you're in the best hands possible. My approach, a delicate balance of gentleness and effectiveness, always prioritizing the well-being of your skin. I believe in achieving radiant skin through consistent regimens and healthy lifestyle choices.


Facial massage, a transformative practice that holds a special place in my heart, is a vital component of good skincare. Combined with Reiki energy healing, it has the power to transport you to a place of inner peace and tranquility! Let me help you achieve your goals by creating custom regime. Experience my touch and witness the transformation of your skin. Trust me, everyone needs a relaxing and revitalizing break in their life!


Treat yourself to a luxurious skincare experience. Don't wait, book your appointment today, and let me work my magic on your skin! ✨

432 East Main Street -Suite G

Abingdon, VA  24210


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